About us

Dream IT. Design IT. Build IT.

We’re a place where your dreams, desires and expectations become part of our commitment, hard work and dedication.

CodeIT is a software and digital company headquartered in Belgrade focused on following the latest trends in development and design. We bring original ideas into the digital world, using our knowledge and expertise to develop, maintain and integrate any system or solution, offering you a limitless space to develop your ideas. Our passion and love for the job is what separates us from other companies because for us this company is more than just work, it’s a way of life.

Our team is comprised of young, educated people, hungry for progress and improvement. Laced with creativity and knowledge we create products of value not only for you, but for your consumers as well. We love new challenges and are always ready for new ones! Yours is only to dream it, we’ll handle the rest.

Welcome to CodeIT!

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Mihailo Milojević


Dragana Pavlović

UI/UX Designer

Nikola Jeremić

WordPress developer

Luka Filipović

Frontend developer

Luka Bulatović

Backend developer

Miloš Marinković

Intern Frontend developer

Milena Uskoković

Intern Copywriter

Vukašin Prvulović

Android developer

Marko Ranković

Intern iOS developer

Nevena Stojković

Project Manager