Covid -19 is not giving up and it seems that not only as individuals but also as business owners, whether small or large, we will have to fully adapt to the new reality. Consumer shopping trends have tremendously changed since the corona pandemic made in-persona shopping a risk to one’s health.

When it comes to outsourcing IT services the first thought that comes to mind is usually developers from distant Asian countries, but what many people don’t know is the fact that there is a great outsourcing solution near them, in Europe, in Serbia. da se idealno „autsorsing“ rešenje nalazi veoma blizu njih, na istoku Evrope, u Srbiji.

What is Web summit?

Web summit is a conference that assembles the greatest names in tech industry, including founders and CEOs of the largest technology companies, fast-growing sturtups, policymakers and heads of state to talk about many issues that IT industry is facing every day and to discuss possible solutions for them. Among many others, some of the panelists are: Edward Snowden, Guo Ping, Brad Smith, Katherine Maher, Margrethe Vestager etc. It annually takes place in Lisbon, and this year it will be held November 4-7, 2019.