Consumer Electronic Show 2018 -Top 7

consumer electronics show

Consumer Electronic Show 2018 -Top 7

The biggest technology conference – Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was held in Las Vegas last month. We are sharing with you tech achievements that have attracted our attention:


The best TV: Samsung The Wall

Samsung’s home theater threatens to leave the OLED standard behind. With 146 inches and impressive deep image, the Samsung MicroLED system has the potential to change the way we watch TV! See how The Wall looks.


Samsung The Wall

The best laptop: Lenovo Miix 630

It leaves an impression of a luxury Windows tablet – exceptional portability and connectivity. With a battery that lasts up to 20 hours and a Snapdragon processor, the Lenovo Miix 630 will surely be the star among the laptops this year!



The best toy: Root

It looks like Little Roomba, but it is actually a toy that teaches kids to program! Root introduces children with a coding concept, and can be used by a children who are 4 year+. A child with a Root gradually and overcomes the coding principles, until he learns to write the code himself.

Root robot


The best headphones: Sony WF-SP700N

At this year’s CES Sony introduced us with a so-called WF-Spoon. This Wi-Fi headphones are designed specifically for training, so you will not be tangled up in cables. They also have external sound blockers and water resistance. Useful, isn’t it? See how WF-Spoon works!



The best robot: Sophia

Scientist David Henson presented his AI invention, which attracted people’s attention at this year’s CES. It’s a robot, Miss Sophia, which has extraordinary mobility, developed gestures and a better communication option. It even has its own Instagram profile!

Sophia robot


The best car: Byton

The Japanese startup released it’s first car. Byton has a futuristic exterior, and interior is like a luxurious living room. In addition, it has Alexa Assistant, a huge screen on the control panel (1.25m), rotating seat, 5 hand movements, adjustment od the exterior lights etc. The price is about $ 40,000! Take a look at the presentation of Byton at CES 2018.



The best pet: Aibo ERS – 1000

New Aibo has really attracted attention of the Consumer Electronics show  visitors. It reacts when you cuddle it cause it has built-in tactile sensors. Aibo ERS – 1000 has a moving tail and ears, it feels and recognizes your smell, can give you a paw or catch a bone! See how people react to the new Aibo.

Aibo CES 2018