How Gamification Is Changing Advertising

How Gamification Is Changing Advertising


Every business owner knows how hard it becomes to keep their customers engaged and entertained. Content that stands out and holds the interests of your present and future clients – could gamification be your secret weapon?


More than just a buzzword, gamification is the future of many things, including effective advertising. 


What is gamification?


Gamification, in simple words, is defined as a set of activities that are solving problems by using or applying the game elements. The concept was introduced in 2002 but became popular in 2010. The great thing about it – you can apply gamification to all aspects of life and business, especially in marketing.


A fun, engaging, and immersive experience


Gamification can be used in playable ads, combining your ad parts with an interactive game. It can also incorporate gaming elements in a different, non-gaming context. Providing a fun, engaging, and immersive experience with your brand is helping customers remember your brand name, which is the most significant advantage of a gamified campaign.


Any industry or business can use this type of marketing strategy. This is one of the most amazing ways for brands to deliver messages creatively to their users. 


Brands can implement numerous gamified elements in their marketing strategies:

points, badges or levels are given to the user when they reach some pre-established accomplishment.


How to use Gamification to Help Long-Term Sales Efforts


You would love to create a social media contest in the name of engagement, but you got to make sure this process will help your sales goals.  


You can, for example, use a social media contest to collect customer data by growing your email list. Your website or email gamification contest will move customers closer to purchasing your products.


Engagement is a vital part of the marketing process, yet it means nothing if it doesn’t increase sales for your brand.



Gamification increases conversion rates


As players engage with the gamified elements, they are more likely to respond to your CTA (click to action) than if it was a regular banner ad or any standard marketing method. In the long term, this will improve your conversion rate.


Imagine offering users a 15% discount if they finish a quick interactive quiz on your website. The user will likely take advantage of that discount and continue to use it to buy on your e-commerce website or in the store.


Ads are becoming more interactive and more personal


As ads become more personal and more interactive, they become more engaging too. Rather than simply watching an ad, consumers interact with it. Given an opportunity to win points or a prize, they spend more time seeing the product and being advertised without even realizing it.



Gamification opens up many opportunities for collaboration


Imagine if you could play on teams to win even more significant rewards – it would level up consumer enjoyment and get more eyes on the brand. You can also add a charity component that would drive engagement even further. 


Bringing people together is always good for the business ☺  If you would like to find out more information about gamification and how to take advantage of its possibilities for your business, schedule a free consultation with our team.