iPhone X commercials are really drawing attention

iphone commercials

iPhone X commercials are really drawing attention

iPhone X: huge gamble


Apple was really gambling with iPhone X, but that turned out good. Without the home button and with completely new design they risked losing people’s respect. But they didn’t, on the contrary, iPhone X was a huge success. It was a dangerous move, but it was needed after years of similarity. The elegant design, extra power, Wireless charging all-screen front mix together to create – by far – the best iPhone Apple’s ever made. It’s impossible to give a perfect score to something that costs this much – but this is the closest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever got.

iPhone X commercials are interesting

iPhone X commercials are drawing people’s attention: they are all about selfies, face unlocking and emojis.



iPhone X has Face ID, that unlocks the phone by scanning your face. People were skeptical about security of this option, but it is proved that it’s secure.


Animoji parody

With Animoji on iPhone X , you can create and share custom animated characters in the Messages app that use your voice and mirror your facial expressions. It became one of the main things when it comes to commercials. Because of that, Snazzy Labs made an interesting parody: