Customer’s possibilities

This software is created with the purpose of allowing your users to evaluate any service provided to them by utilizing an iPad device. In addition, the software gives them the opportunity to write something about their experience. Given that there is an option of writing suggestions, your business can respond to specific problems and improve functioning on a larger plan.

Creating Surveys

We are offering you a software personalization option, so that you can create surveys on your admin panel, and adjust them to your vision of content and design. With 4like software, you will get iPad devices and the stands needed to place them. Even though 4like is user friendly, we are also offering educational courses on using both the devices and the software itself.

Result analysis

You can keep up with your survey’s progress in each of your locations. On your admin panel you can analyze survey activity on a time and spatial plan, and you will get reports on a weekly level. Given these options you will be able to follow up with a business development. In addition, you can see how novelties affect your customers’ experience.