About SkiBox

SkiBox is a software solution made to improve the organization of ski schools. It is created to offer you detailed knowledge regarding your classes, clients, instructors and school’s earnings. Other than improving your organization, you can easily compare and keep up with the development of your business in order to make it more successful.

Booker’s possibilities

One of our core modules is the booker, which can help organize your business thanks to a clear view of all information related to your clients, instructors and earnings. Instructors have access to a calendar of scheduled classes and can schedule new classes. They can book bonus classes and add new clients.

Instructor’s possibilities

Instructors have everything they need to make their work easier. Primarily, SkiBox is easy to use. Each instructor can see the class history of every client on his panel. In addition, he can see how many classes he has had with all clients. Quickly and easily, school work can be reorganized and managed.

School owner’s possibilities

With the help of SkiBox software solution the school owner can manage the school’s operations in a clear and organized way. He has the ability to access SkiBox from any device. His panel has a view of each school activity. He can see the school’s earnings, add new services and change prices.