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Why your small business needs a professional website during COVID-19?

Why your mall business needs a professional website during COVID-19


Covid -19 is not giving up and it seems that not only as individuals but also as business owners, whether small or large, we will have to fully adapt to the new reality. Consumer shopping trends have tremendously changed since the corona pandemic made in-persona shopping a risk to one’s health.

For small businesses the situation is rather difficult but there is something you can do to improve your business – build a professional website.

Do small businesses have to own a website, and why?

A surprising number of business owners believe they don’t need a website because they are active on social media – who needs a website when you have Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, right? Unfortunately, that is wrong.

The website will allow you to become visible to everyone using the internet, and there is also a great chance that you will improve your business. According to numerous studies, users who cannot find you online will opt for your competition.

It is not enough just to have a website – it must look great, be user-friendly, and functional. If a website is poorly designed or too complicated for use, potential buyers will leave.

Your website look is a reflection of your business success

The look of the website is extremely important. Thanks to good design, your website will become recognizable and people will easier identify with your brand.

First impressions of your website are 95% design-related. If it looks disorganized and messy, it will harm your business’s credibility.

Don’t forget – your customers are online

During COVID-19 all the customers moved online for their safety.

Maybe your business doesn’t sell anything online, but your site will most certainly be the first place potential customers learn about you and your company. 

Responsive design – what does it mean?

One of the terms you need to know – “responsive design.” What does it mean? It means your website is readable and accessible from any device that the customer uses – from his computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your website should have a responsive design, do remember that ☺

SEO friendly and easy to navigate

A great website is not only good-looking and easy to navigate but the one that is easy to find on search engines.  Pay attention to your SEO ranking; hire an SEO expert to help you with your website optimization.


Save your time and money with a FAQ section where customers can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Social media & website

Your social media posts can lead people to your website and vice versa. Use Facebook to send people to your website. Use your website visitors to better target people on social media.

Do you need a professional web developer?

Even if a pandemic closed your store it’s extremely important to remember that the internet is open 24/7.

Website is an excellent place to explain to customers everything about your business, what makes you truly different from the competition, and why they should choose you.

If your competition already has a professional and modern website while yours is hard to use, consider hiring a web developer.

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